Construction Industry Trends & Key Challenges in 2022

During this Virtual Seminar we are joined by Matthew Gierke, a Senior Consultant at FMI Corp., for a U.S. Construction Industry Forecast, with a focus on key trends and challenges in the construction industry. The key industry trends and challenges that we will focus on are Managing Supply Chain Disruption, Material Price Escalation, and Attracting and Retaining Talent. Gierke will offer valuable tips on how to manage these difficult challenges.  You will not want to miss this insightful look into the construction industry. 

Matt Gierke

Sr. Consultant, FMI Peer Groups Discipline Leader


Matt Gierke empowers contractors, construction equipment, materials manufacturers and distributors with winning strategies to maximize growth, profitability and overall improvement through non-incremental change. His work centers on building winning market strategies, developing effective change management programs, and improving each business’s development and project management capabilities. 

He heads FMI’s peer groups discipline, which provides a forum for construction industry leaders to collaborate on proven success strategies and enhancing profit. FMI currently has 35 active peer groups comprised of more than 200 construction companies.

Before coming to FMI, Matt was an internal strategy consultant and project manager at a market-leading Fortune 100 manufacturer of heavy equipment. In this role, he developed and managed a wide range of initiatives including managing distributors and incentives, new market penetration, and large capital improvements. For seven years prior, he managed complex capital projects within the steel industry. 

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Virtual Seminar Recording
Recorded 02/17/2022
Recorded 02/17/2022
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Live Viewing: No credits available and certificate available