Commercial Surety

NASBP is pleased to offer the following informative resource materials on commercial surety.


Virtual Seminars on Commercial Surety Topics

Registration for the 2023 NASBP Virtual Seminar Annual Subscription is now open and available only for NASBP Members, Affiliates, and Associates. For just $999–that’s almost half of what you would pay if you purchased each of the nearly two dozen 2023 Virtual Seminars individually.
Interesting Insights Into The World Of Subdivision Bonds
Subdivision/Development bonds are a common requirement in most municipalities across the county.
Indemnity Agreements – Why bother taking them and how to take them correctly
During this NASBP Virtual seminar, we are joined by Whit Campbell of The Hartford and Kara London of Philadelphia Insurance Companies for a discussion on Indemnity Agreements.
What You Need to Know About Reclamation Bonds
Most of the items and energy that we use every day depend in some way on the extraction of natural resources, e.g., mining or drilling minerals, coal, oil, and natural gas.
What Surety Professionals and their Clients Need to Know About the November Mid-term elections and the new makeup in the U.S. Congress
Please join our panel discussion where construction industry lobbyists will share their thoughts on the November 2022 Mid-terms elections. Learn what these experts envision might be in store when Congress convenes the first session of the 118th Congress on Jan. 3, 2023.
Mechanics’ Lien and Discharge Bonds
Developers and Lenders always want to make sure that any liens placed against real property are addressed to ensure clear title and no impediments to project financing.

Commercial Surety Resources

A collection of additional commercial surety resources.

  • Bond Execution Guide
    A basic manual to help administrative staff reach a general understanding of the basics of the surety bond form, including important terms and items to check.
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  • NASBP's "Commercial Surety Online Reference Guide"
    White paper created by NASBP that describes the many types of bonds and nuances of commercial surety.
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Commercial Surety Articles

Public Bonding Kit


Under the aegis of the NASBP Commercial Bonding Committee, this tool kit was created to help surety professionals explain the function and necessity of bonding to local, or state employees, elected officials, and any other person responsible for spending taxpayer dollars on behalf of the public. It is our goal to assist clients and potential obligees in making wise decisions about bonding projects where taxpayer money is involved.

Check out the Public Bonding Kit