Keeping Surety Weird: Exploring Opportunities in Commercial Surety

Everyone’s heard of replacing letters of credit with surety bonds, but what about securing letters of credit with bonds?! From sometimes seemingly esoteric surety risk to working with industries and stakeholders that have no idea what surety really is, or why they need it! As we dive into what can be the weird and wonderful world of Commercial Surety, discussing surety-backed letters of credit, personnel supply bonds, software installation bonds, insurance deductible bonds, investment security bonds, and so much more, you may find yourself asking the question - “What the heck are we bonding here?” But join me as we uncover how to think outside the box and push the surety industry and its unmatched value into places unknown.

Stefan Engelhardt

Director, Sales & Marketing

Brown & Brown

With a decade in the insurance industry, Stefan is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Brown & Brown's National Surety Practice. Before becoming the director of sales Stefan specialized in both construction and health care service risk and has created exclusive surety programs and white papers. Stefan holds a Masters in Applied Mathematics and a Bachelors in Physics from the University of Central Florida.

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Recorded 05/13/2022
Recorded 05/13/2022
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