Navigating Uncharted Waters: A look at the Economy and the Risks for Your Contractor Clients

During these uncertain economic times it's more important than ever for surety professionals to have an understanding of current economic trends and how those trends are impacting your contractor clients balance sheets.  During this NASBP Virtual Seminar, we are joined by Will Gruy of FMI and Jack Callahan of Construction CPA firm CohnReznick. Will, will kick off the presentation by sharing a big picture look at the economy and how it is impacting the construction industry and what’s on the horizon as we look towards 2023. Then Jack will zoom in on these issues with more detailed experience and examples on how he is seeing these economic trends reflected on contractor’s balance sheets and how to help your contractor clients navigate what’s just around the river bend. 

Jack Callahan

CPA, Partner - Construction Industry Leader


With more than 35 years of experience, Jack Callahan serves as CohnReznick's Construction Industry Leader overseeing a team of 200 professionals across the United States. He has served as a trusted advisor to contractors throughout their entire lifecycle demonstrating exemplary client satisfaction building a reputation as a results-oriented leader dedicated to driving company growth and transformation. Jack and his team have worked extensively with both private developers and public agencies to develop and implement fiscal and integrity monitoring programs to successfully mitigate the costs of fraud, waste, and abuse on large development projects. Jack was the lead partner for CohnReznick on the monitoring and investigative work performed at Ground Zero and continues to spearhead the ongoing initiatives at LaGuardia and O’Hare airports. Jack has extensive knowledge, insights, and experience in accounting, corporate taxation, and business consulting matters within the construction community and values his well-earned role as trusted business advisor.

Jack joined CohnReznick in August 2005 after serving as the managing shareholder of a leading private New Jersey accounting firm. He is actively involved in all aspects of the Construction and Engineering industry and a member of numerous industry trade groups. Jack got involved early in creating a support role for Public Private Partnerships, is an active member of American Institute for the Advancement of American Infrastructure. Jack’s individual accomplishments include his status as a Mole and serving on their finance committee, role as Treasurer for ACE Mentor Program of NY, and the Minority Business Development Institute. He presents regularly at conferences and is well known as an industry thought leader presenting on webinars, publishing business articles, and providing insights on social media through various industry trade groups and firm publications.

​Will Gruy

Senior Consultant


Will Gruy us a Senior Consultant with FMI, in that role he works with companies across the U.S. serving the built environment with an emphasis on operational improvement and strategic thinking. He specializes in corporate strategy, using a research and evidence-based approach to achieve improved financial results through organizational focus. 

With a background in information technology consulting focused on project management, analytics and business strategy, Will brings a unique viewpoint to strategic discussions and implementations.   

Prior to FMI, Will worked as an IT consultant for a major consulting firm. He developed operational improvement tools for managers that utilized the constant flow of data produced by operations. These tools increased the productivity of both personnel and assets deployed and provided better information to support organizational decision making. 

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Recorded 11/10/2022
Recorded 11/10/2022
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